Papiripar spirals into its third edition of experimental pop music, art, film and performance. Between radio waves, an exhibition, soundwalks and a “Polter-Abend”, a hybrid format is emerging: a rumbling poltergeist causing trouble on the radio and beyond. To what extent this ghost also haunts the city offline remains to be seen, as at this point in time the crystal ball is still too cloudy, and we will adapt the programme to the given situation. Once again, the pigeonhole labelled POP will be transformed, stretched in all directions, blown up and turned back into an eclectic chaos.

The core of the festival will be situated in an experimental temporary radio station. The public will be invited not only to receive but also to transmit, by interacting live during special formats such as the so-called “Polter-Abend” (“Smash your favourite hated object in front of a microphone!”) or soundwalks (“Set this bridge railing to music!”). With discordant energy we close the gaps between disciplines, and through our face masks we shout together: “More art in music, more music in art!”

This year, eleven artists’ texts were written by the ecstatic multi-talent Thomas Baldischwyler in the form of fan letters and postcards.